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Bug Squads

Mix n' match. Pick Your Bug Squad. Hang 'em in a quad. View a few samples of my favorite Bug Squads and then head on over to the Butterfly Shop and pick your own Bug Squad. You can frame your own Bug Squad, or if you're interested in purchasing with framing, contact me at for pricing and details. From my collections, you can create a total of 1,837,620 unique bug squad combinations. 

 My drawings are available for purchase as original prints. Shop from a variety of butterflies and bugs, and select from grayscale or hand-coloured drawings. See which one 'takes flight' or 'jumps out' for you.

My drawings are inspired by Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior. For it is only by His grace that I'm able to draw even a single mark. For apart from Christ, I can do nothing (John 15:5), let alone be an artist. Every good thing I do comes not from me, but from His grace. All glory belongs to Him!

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