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Hi, I'm Jenna. I'm an artist, and I love designing websites. I would like to offer you my website building and design skills to help you further enhance your business, practice, or ministry, or simply establish an online presence. Having a website that represents who you are and what you can offer is important for building and maintaining your business and clientele. Not only does a great website provide information to help serve others and promote your services, but it also builds credibility and trust with current and potential clients.

Website Basics

One of the first ways people learn about who you are is through your website. It's important to have a clear description of who you are and how others will benefit from knowing you or using your products/services. It's one of the first impressions a person has of your professionalism, your personality, and your expertise in the field. It's a place where people can first learn about you and what to expect before connecting over the phone, on Zoom, or in person.


Good design is key. Looks are important when it comes to your online presence. It's important to have a professionally designed website; one that visually expresses who you are and navigates with ease. A well-designed website plays a major role in building an initial connection that could potentially turn into a successful business relationship or lifelong customer.


With all the cookie-cutter websites out there, I'd like to design you a contemporary and unique website that stands out from all the rest.

Website Objectives

•  Makes a great first impression, which often creates a lasting impression

•  Builds credibility and trust 

•  Places you as an expert in your field 

•  Offers information, knowledge, and expertise to educate and benefit others

•  A main platform that allows you develop, track, and manage leads

Website Design

• A simplified design is always the best design

• A design that is current, clean, and cohesive

• A design that has character - It's uniquely designed just for you and not from a cookie-cutter template

• A look that brings the "wow" factor, engages your visitors, and creates a lasting impression

• Contains strong visual design with purposeful elements that are simple and elegant, without compromising the site's function or content.

• Typefaces are complementary and enhance the qualities of each other

• Copy is cohesive, easy to read, and is paired with strong visual content that supports it

• Good use of negative space 

• A seamless balance of copy, visual and interactive design 

• The interface is user-friendly. Simple navigation designed to keep a viewer on your site and engaged

Other ideas to consider when building a website

• Specific ways on how you can serve and help your clients

• Specific outcomes your clients can expect from your services

• Email opt-ins throughout your website

• Proper flow and ease of navigation throughout site

• Call to Actions (CTAs) that help a visitor take action steps towards becoming a subscriber to your site or a client of your business

• Testimonies from current or previous clients / fellow colleagues or mentors

• A regularly updated blog that shares valuable information and gives you credibility as a trusted source of knowledge and solutions

 • Freebies that entice potential clients to subscribe to your blog or sign up for your mailing list - i.e. tools, handouts, free ebooks, guides, or any sort of downloads that may benefits your visitor

Custom Website Building & Design Services Plus

• Building and designing a brand new website or a redesign of a current website  - Includes both a new desktop and mobile site 

• Graphic design & photography - Custom logo design and graphics created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, imagery selection or custom photography, image editing and optimization

• Content writing for your website - Blogging, content and copywriting services, including creating an SEO friendly website to be found on Google and other search engines

• Setting up a new domain name of your choice (A domain is the name of a website, and a URL is how to find a website) Or, connecting or transferring your current domain to the new domain host

• Coaching for your business - Would you like to have a session with me to help uncover any obstacles or barriers that may be holding you back from where you would like to be with your business?

There is a lot that goes into brainstorming, building, and designing a website for your business, but it's also very exciting! I'm here to offer my skills, talents, and expertise as a designer, writer, and Christian life coach. I'd love to build you a beautiful website for your business, brand, or ministry so that you can even better guide and serve your clients.

Interested in learning more how I can help you with building a new website? Let's talk more about your specific website needs and what you're looking for. Schedule a free consultation with me by filling out the form below.

Sign Up for a Free Website Consultation

Do you need a new website for your business or a redesign of your current website? I'd love to hear more about your website needs and ideas and offer you my website building and design skills.


Fill out your contact information and website needs below, and we will schedule a time to discuss more what you're looking for. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about how I can help you with my design skills and services.

Thank you for reaching out. I'll be in touch soon!

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