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Graphite Monarch Series

When one painter slavishly copies another, he is only known as the satellite of the greater luminary. He himself is neither respectable nor respected, but this is not the case when men select models that are confessed to be perfect. You never hear a man accused of a want of originality because he studies the models in sculpture of ancient Greece. It is not usual to hear the accusation of imitation brought against painters who have studiously examined the works of Michelangelo. These men are put at the head of their schools and the following of these masters of the art is voted to be no folly but true wisdom. It’s even so with the imitation of Christ. To imitate other men is a weakness. To copy Christ is strength.” - CH Spurgeon

My drawings are available for purchase as original prints. Check out the Butterfly Shop, and choose your favorite one, mix and match, and start your own collection. They are great gift ideas too for anyone who likes art, butterflies and bugs! See which one 'takes flight' or 'jumps out' for you :)

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